LATRA builds the world better by conducting cutting edge research and innovation at the frontlines of European challenges

LATRA works towards making communities inclusive, sustainable and resilient, by ensuring that citizens from geographically remote, socio-economically disadvantaged and minority backgrounds are equitably included in science, technology, research and innovation. LATRA has produced projects in the Netherlands, the U.K, Sweden, Norway, South Africa and Qatar, while it currently cooperates with more than 50 top-tier international partners in producing science, technology, art and education projects that benefit thousands of people across Europe and the world.

Culture | Creativity | Inclusive Society

Through responsible research and innovation we respond to challenges pertaining to democratic governance, cultural heritage, creative economy as well as social and economic transformations.

Climate | Energy | Mobility

We produce solutions that contribute towards the fight against climate change, improve the competitiveness of the energy and transport industry as well as the quality of the services that these sectors bring to society.

Food | Bioeconomy | Environment

We contribute towards the transition to a sustainable, climate-neutral, circular and environment-friendly economy in full compliance with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, the Paris Climate Agreement and the Convention on Biological Diversity.


We develop new, better and more cost-effective health care services supported by innovative tools, technologies, and digital solutions that assist citizens in pursuing a longer, independent and active life in a rapidly changing society.

European Green Deal

We ensure that no citizen is left behind in Europe’s ‘man on the Moon moment’ by conducting research and innovation across all 9 policy areas of the European Green Deal.

Please consider making a donation that will help us in fulfilling our mission to build the world better by providing a dignified, sustainable and innovative response to the needs of the refugee community in Lesvos.