#REFUGEELIVESMATTER  is a fundraising and public awareness campaign, aimed at both informing the public as well as raising funds in response to the humanitarian crisis in Lesvos. Following a devastating  fire on the 9th of September 2020,  the largest refugee camp in Europe, was levelled to the ground, leaving 13.000 people homeless overnight. Everyday that goes by, more than 5000 children go without water, food, shelter, access to sanitation or education.

And then there is police brutality. 

Instead of deploying much needed aid, the government has deployed militarised police who indiscriminately brutalise, arrest, detain and teargas children, youth, young adults, women and men from the refugee community, solidarity and volunteer movements, in their effort to curb their peaceful voices demanding for safe passage of all people across Europe. 

Our approach: 

100% of donations will be dedicated to purchasing and distributing the 4 categories of products described above. 

0% overhead will be retained by our organisation. This is an emergency appeal, geared towards maximum impact for the people affected. 

0% of donations will be used for distribution, transportation and logistics. Instead our organisation will provide these services pro-bono, allowing to utilise 100% for purchasing of aid products. 

All donors will be provided with receipts acknowledging their donation. Please send us your details to info@latra.gr, so our accounting team can prepare your receipt. 

In addition to purchasing and distributing these essential products, our organisation will take a systematic approach in relaying daily news and updates through its social media, carrying the voices of refugees, civil society organisations and volunteers. We believe that increasing public awareness and attention to the plight of refugees is essential in restoring faith to humanity. 0% of donations will be used towards the awareness campaign, with our organisation, committing its own resources in doing so. 

Europe’s response is that of detention and confinement. 

The European solidarity movement of 2015, that saw outpouring of support towards refugees, has given its place to violent nationalism, extremism and anti-refugee sentiment.  With each day going by, new closed detention centres are getting build, forcing to closed detention and abhorrent conditions, the most vulnerable people in our society. New ‘Morias’ are getting build as these words are written, though this time they will proudly feature the European flag. Systematically since 2015, governments across Europe have worked towards marginalising and dehumanising people fleeing persecution, war and famine. People with families, education and skills, that could otherwise be productive and contributing members to our European family. 


Seeing the criminalisation of asylum-seeking in Europe, motivated us to act. 

We believe in an embracing Europe. We believe that now more than ever, it is up to everyday people like us, to show to refugees and asylum seekers that there is another side to Europe; one of solidarity and compassion. The decision to support the needs of 13.000 people stranded in despair, was taken in a heartbeat. 

The Needs: 

LATRA has conducted a needs assessment and will be focusing its efforts in purchasing and distributing 4 essential products: (i) bottled water (ii) medicine (iii) baby formula (iv) facemasks (v) menstrual health products. The list of needs is endless, however our organisation has assessed that these five products are urgently required by a large segment of the population, and in short supply. Donations will be exclusively used to purchase and distribute the above products.

Make a Donation!

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Donation Total: €50,00



Please send your donations to: 


IBAN: GR24 0172 7090 0057 0908 8090 702


Reference: refugeelivesmatter

Other Ways You Can Support the refugees stranded in Lesvos: 

1] Follow LATRA’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for latest updates. We post regular updates of challenges and conditions on the field. Similarly please follow a number of reputable organisations, active in sharing verified news from the frontlines of the crisis: Moria Corona Awareness Team, Moria White Helmets, Aegean Boat Report, Stand By Me Lesvos.


2] Petition your local councilperson or policymaker to advocate for safe passage of refugees and asylum seekers from Lesvos to Europe. Europe was built on the notion of solidarity, and politicians should act upon it. 

3] Sign various online petitions advocating for safe passage of people across Europe. LATRA has signed this petition alongside 219 NGOs across Europe. Let us know if there is a campaign you would like us to support, and we will gladly share it in our network.  

4) Spread the word amongst your community. Soon, both the media as well as public opinion, will be shifted to ‘current’ events and breaking news, leaving 13.000 abandoned and forgotten. Continue raising awareness on the issue of refugees in Lesvos, amongst your family, friends and at dinner table conversations. The more people share and engage, the quicker change will come. 

5) Use your social media to share posts and updates from the frontlines of the crisis and please remember to use #refugeeslivesmatter in order to create momentum in social media awareness on the plight of 13.000 people stranded in Lesvos.